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Oud and bergamot

Oud and bergamot

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The scent of oud and bergamot is perfect for any occasion, from a romantic evening to a relaxing night in. It has the power to transform any space, adding a special touch of enchantment and mystery. The scent will linger in the air, captivating and calming the senses, allowing you to experience a sense of inner peace. As you breathe in the aroma, you will be transported to a world of serenity, letting the enchanting aroma soothe and relax your mind and body. Enjoy the unique scent of oud and bergamot, and let it bring a special touch of magic into your life.


T- Bergamot

M- Cedarwood

B- Oud

How to use

The first time you light your candle, be sure to light it until the wax melts around the edge of the container. Thus, during subsequent uses, the wax will burn evenly.


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