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FEMME FATALE perfume oil

FEMME FATALE perfume oil

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Embark on a sensory adventure as a radiant and refined harmony of jasmine and saffron takes center stage, delicately settling on the surface. The exquisite blend reaches its core through the harmonious dance of cedar and fir, while the ambergris adds a nuanced equilibrium of warmth and coolness, elevating the olfactory journey to sublime heights.


T- Saffron, Jasmine

M-Amberwood, ambergris

B-Cedar, fir resin

Oil-based perfumes have distinct advantages, such as longer-lasting fragrance due to slower evaporation, a more concentrated scent that evolves over time, and a gentler formula that tends to be less irritating to sensitive skin compared to alcohol-based alternatives. Additionally, the oils’ ability to cling to skin allows the fragrance to linger throughout the day, providing a more intimate and nuanced olfactory experience.

How to use

The first time you light your candle, be sure to light it until the wax melts around the edge of the container. Thus, during subsequent uses, the wax will burn evenly.


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